Factory Off Lease Auto Brokers  (est 1985) is committed to making sure our customers are well-informed and confident about their decision making. We have laid out a list of questions that are commonly asked by our clients. However, if there is something that we have missed please feel free to reach out. We’re more than happy to address any of your needs.

1. How does this process work?
We are a Florida licensed Auto Dealer and work to find the exact vehicle you are looking for after visiting  our Auto Auction Studio and deciding on the make and model, color.  We purchase the vehicle at a Factory Sale, it is then transported by truck to our Offices and we handle all the transfers, title work and paperwork.

2.  How long does it typically take to find the vehicle I want?
It usually take from one to four weeks to find the right vehicle.  Our order form is for five weeks but may be extended if necessary.

3.  Do you take trades?
We don't sell high mileage vehicle out of warranty but will bring it to the Auction for you;  there is a nominal charge and you will receive sales tax credit towards your purchase from us.

4.  Do you offer financing?
We work with several Credit Unions that have rates as low as 2.5% if your Fico score is above 600 or you may arrange an auto loan with your financial institution.  We do not charge extra if you finance or pay cash.

5.Do you sell Extended Warranties for vehicles?
Our vehicles are all still under warranty...but

 We are also licensed to sell extended warranties  through AUL, the top rated Auto Warranty company in the US.  They have an excellent product selection and reputation. Example: 3 yr complete coverage is $38 monthly, please call for details.